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Our members are engaged in more than physical fitness, focusing also on nutrition and overall wellbeing.

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Our holistic approach is to create and serve a growing and inclusive community of like-minded members who value sports, nutrition and wellness as much as we do. Our members are engaged in more than physical fitness, focusing also on nutrition and overall wellbeing. With an 85,000-square-foot campus that includes an indoor/outdoor Olympic-sized pool and FieldHouse, BOOST is Nashville’s only one-stop destination for top-level coaching, engaging classes, and youth and elite athlete training. We are as family-ready as it gets, with youth training, recreational and team gymnastics, swim lessons, pool parties, and free childcare. We take care of Mom and Dad while also meeting the needs of the rest of the family—all at one address!


Jon Sexton

Co-FounderFrom Visalia, CA
Studied Exercise Science and Public Relations at Fresno State University
Played College-level tennis and basketball
Founded personal training company that serviced clients through various Nashville health clubs, along with in-home clients
Key Message to Clients: “There are many health issues based around poor nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of energy. Some things are inevitable, but most things are preventable. That’s where we come in.”

Tarik Ramusovic


From Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Studied Natural Science at the institute for integrated Nutrition (NYC)
Also Studied Graphic Design and Visual Communications at Middle Tennessee State University and Nashville State Community College
Played on the Bosnia National Team as an Alpine Skier for the 1994 Olympic Games (Lillehammer, Norway)
Key Message to Clients: “Managing a healthy lifestyle is not mostly about pushing harder and emphasizing physical appearance; it’s a holistic approach that also includes nutritional training and contributes to a person’s overall well-being.”

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