BOOST’s signature on-site Fieldhouse is an indoor sports arena with 30,000 square feet of high quality turf that can accommodate football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, running and fitness training.

Field Rental Pricing

We use it for group training, such as BOOST Performance classes for young people; individual training such as jogging, sprinting and agility work; and competitive sports play. The Fieldhouse can be subdivided into four separate fields available for rental to the general public at competitive hourly or adjusted seasonal rates.

Oct – March (peak season)

April – Sept (off-peak season)

1 Field (18 x 35 yards)

Fieldhouse (35 x75 yards)

Fieldhouse day rate (8 hours min)







Or call: 615.662.8989

All field booking must be paid in advance (no exceptions)
24 hour cancelation policy. No refunds on same day cancellation.

Alan Clinard

Youth Sports Performance Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • United States Army Combat Veteran
  • Former Amateur Kickboxer

Coaching experience includes working with current MLB and NFL players.

Staci Hart

Youth Sports Performance Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Masters of Science in Exercise Science
  • Strength and Conditioning Team, The Ohio State University, 2007-08
  • Strength and Conditioning Team, Lipscomb University, 2010-13

Extensive experience working with professional athletes, as well as with Division I Collegiate Athletes in speed/agility development and strength training

Specialized training in injury prevention techniques, along with program design

“We have a strong passion for developing young athletes and pushing them to reach and even exceed their goals.”

STACI HART, Youth Sports Performance Coach

Fitness Center and Studios

BOOST’s state-of-the-art fitness center features over 150 pieces of handpicked exercise equipment designed to build strength, cardio and flexibility.

This is an open, spacious area that provides plenty of room for individual workouts, plus mats and cages for stretching and flexibility training.

Weight Machines include:

  • Free weights (barbells and dumbbells)
  • Plate-loaded machines
  • Traditional “selectorized” machines
  • Functional training machines

Cardio Equipment includes:

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals in various styles and brands
  • Stair-steppers and step-mills
  • Arc trainers
  • Upright and recumbent stationary bicycles
  • “Jacobs Ladder” escalating climber
  • Many with individual entertainment systems!

Along the western wall of the Fitness Center are three studio spaces:

Studio Vibe

which hosts FitCamps as well as the brand new feature of state-of-the-art virtual workouts

Pilates Studio

Studio X

Home of GroupFit classes


The BOOST FitClub AquaDome boasts Nashville's only 25-meter, six-lane competitive swimming pool.

The indoor-outdoor pool contains salt water (generally milder on the skin and eyes than traditional chlorinated water) and heated to an inviting 82 degrees year-round.


Launched back in 1975, BOOST Gymnastics has become this region’s premier gymnastics training facility.

Incorporating 13,000 square-feet within BOOST’s main campus, BOOST Gymnastics houses both a Rec Gym for recreational classes and a Team Gym, where BOOST’s own competitive girls team trains. In addition, there are special spaces for parents to relax and for pre-school children to enjoy themselves, including the always-popular Foam Pit!

Other Amenities

Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms with steam rooms, dry saunas, lockers (for daily use or monthly rental), showers, TV lounges, multiple sinks, with addition of makeup counter In Women’s Locker Room.

Spray Tanning Booth with VersaPro Sunless Spraytan Booth, a state-of-the-art system for clear or bronze tanning; also features a moisturizing treatment.


Michael Jordan, Percussive Massage

Lil’ Boosters

Available free of charge to BOOST families, our brand new Child Care facility, conveniently located just off the main fitness area, offers an active, clean and safe environment for your kid(s) while you work out. Our experienced caregivers engage the youngsters in a range of fun activities that focus on education as well as creativity.

Hours of Operation:

Mondays through Thursdays:  8am to 12pm & 4:30pm to 8pm

Fridays-Saturdays: 8am to 12pm only

Sundays: Closed

*NOTE: By law, there is a two-hour maximum time limit.

How sick is enough to miss bringing your child to the gym?

This decision affects more than just your family. Here are some practical guidelines on what germs are the most catchy.

Here is one set of germs that all doctors agree are very contagious. Frequent, watery, mucousy, and sometime bloody diarrhea is a sure indication to stay home, both for your child’s sake to prevent an outbreak. Add vomiting – parents call this a double ender – and your child is certainly should not leave home. As soon as the vomiting is over, the stools are no longer explosive and water and your child feels better, he/she may return to gymnastics. Be prepared for the bowel movements to remain loose and frequent for weeks, as the intestines are notoriously slow to recover. During this convalescent stage of diarrhea, your child is not contagious.

While diarrhea illnesses merit quarantine, respiratory and febrile illnesses are a different bag of germs. Most cold germs do not threaten an outbreak in the gym as much as diarrhea. Children are most contagious a day or two before they act sick. If your child has a fever (persistent temperature of at least 101ºF or 38.3ºC) it is prudent to keep him/her out of the gym until you ask your doctor whether she is contagious or not. Your child may return to the gym after he/she has been fever free for 24 hours.

Sore throats, especially those associated with fever and throat spots (for example, herpangina), are very contagious and are a red light for gymnastics attendance until the fever and the throat spots are gone — usually around five days.

The nose is not the only thing that runs when children get a cold. Eye drainage is often associated with an underlying cold, especially a sinus infection. These eyes are not contagious, and usually neither is the rest of the child. This type of goopy eye drainage does, however, merit a doctor visit.

Some runny eyes are due to conjunctivitis (often called pinkeye), a contagious infection that will send us rushing to make a come-get-your-child call. If the eyes are bloodshot in addition to draining, this is contagious pinkeye, which is quickly treated and made noncontagious by an antibiotic eye ointment or drops. The child may attend gymnastics 24 hours after treatment has begun.

Day-care centers often reject a coughing, sneezing child because of a cold when it’s really an allergy that is not contagious to playmates and is no more than a nuisance to the child. How to tell a cold from an allergy? Back to the telltale nasal secrections. Allergic noses are clear and watery, they run and drip, and are accompanied by other allergic signs: watery eyes, wheezing, a past history of allergies, and the fact that it’s hay fever season. The nasal drainage from a cold is too thick to run; it dangles. Also, with a cold there are other signs of infection such as fever. In general, allergic children are noisy (sneezy and wheezy), yet they don’t act sick. They may attend gymnastics and are not contagious. Children with colds act sluggish, mopey, or cranky and may be contagious.

If your child is on antibiotics for any reason please keep them home for 48 hours to make guarantee they are no longer contagious. Also, always remember the 24 hour fever free rule (your child must be without fever for a full 24 hours) before sending them to the gym.

Youth Performance Program

60 minute sessions that use proven methods to produce advanced methods for athletic improvement.
We call it “The Science of Results”.
Designed for all levels, our athletes improves their power, speed, conditioning and flexibility.
Ages start at 8 years old.

Unlimited classes Monday-Friday
(first/last month due at sign up)
First class is always free.
Email for questions.
Call 615.499.5376