Body transformation means more than losing weight or looking great. It’s creating a positive relationship with your body that results in a healthy, fit and confident YOU.

BOOST X — offered exclusively at BOOST FitClub — is the ultimate 10-week transformation program. Through a tightly orchestrated regime of workouts, tasty meals, group support, and smart tracking tools, BOOST X fast tracks meaningful results and implements strategies for a lifetime.

Our strategy is to guide you through each day of the journey with workouts and beyond to ensure that your transformation is safe, fun, educational and – most importantly – lasting.  BOOST X maximizes weight loss (body fat loss) while increasing your metabolism, strength, endurance, energy, flexibility and mobility. Designed by BOOST co-founders Tarik Ramusovic and Jon Sexton as our signature coaching program, BOOST X is the product of years of research and development. This structured journey of strength, cardio and nutritional coaching requires a positive mindset and a willingness to be accountable. In return, you will learn and implement tools and strategies that not only help create a new you, but also put you on track for lifelong results.


Program Details


  • Ten weeks of five-day-a-week coaching sessions featuring a balanced array of strength and conditioning workouts. We target every muscle of your body at the right pace and load, aiming for muscular balance, strength, power, hypotrophy and endurance.
  • Each week includes elements of the following: body mechanics assessment, lift, mobility, plyometrics, yoga, Pilates and intervals.
  • We begin with The Solution, a thorough, on-site assessment of your current physical status to eliminate the guesswork in customizing the training to fit individual needs. Based on software created by BOOST coaches, The Solution is a personalized roadmap measuring metabolism and body fat to determine your body’s cardio, nutritional and hydration requirements.
  • Cardio activities are custom-designed to fit individual goals and needs. From the start, we map out — for each weekly cardio session — the duration, type, timing, target heart rate, caloric burn goal, and frequency. You’ll receive a free H7 Polar Bluetooth heart-rate monitor for us to track and test all factors necessary to achieve your goals.
  • Complete EAT FRESH Lunches and Dinners prepared just for you, based on your metabolism needs and your goals, in BOOST’s own Vital Café. Our nutritional strategy is backed by science and our experience, bio-individually targeting your body, needs and goals.
  • Workouts make full use of our entire 85,000-square-foot campus, including the Fieldhouse, the AquaDome, Nashville’s only indoor, saltwater, 25-meter swimming pool, and our fitness center stocked with more than 150 pieces of exercise equipment for strength and cardio training.
  • Assessments will be administered with our own software at the start, halfway through, and at the end of BOOST X. A high-level of accountability and commitment are key ingredients to your success. Assessments, measurements, tests, tracking will all be administered through our own food/activity journaling app.
  • Ten tasty & richly nutritious smoothies from the Vital Café, providing everything your body needs for post-workout recovery
  • A complimentary BOOST X T-shirt, in a style of your choice


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Alex McInnis


Alex grew up in Grand Blanc, Michigan, where he discovered his love of sports and athletics at an early age. Heading south, he graduated from Lipscomb University with degrees in biology and kinesiology. Alex has since parlayed his enjoyment for sport, education and exercise into a professional fitness career as personal trainer and strength coach. Alex has a passion for helping others improve themselves and finds fulfillment from their success.

Pate Young


Pate has been a certified personal trainer since 2001. He earned a degree in Human Performance and Sports Science while also serving in the Army National Guard. In 2010, he received his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) status, awarded to professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for improved performance. Pate has continued to learn from top health and wellness professionals across the country, allowing him to share the latest and best insights and innovations withBOOST clients.