About us


“This isn’t a membership. It’s a lifestyle choice for the entire family.”

BOOST FitClub is Nashville’s only one-stop destination for all your family fitness and sports nutrition needs.

Our holistic approach to membership is to create and serve a growing and inclusive community of like-minded families who value sports, nutrition and wellness as much as we do. Our members are engaged in more than just physical fitness. Also involved are nutrition and overall well-being.

One special attraction of BOOST membership is how it takes care of Mom and Dad while also meeting the needs of the rest of the family—all at one address! As the adults work closely with Nashville’s most knowledgeable fitness and nutrition coaches — following a results-driven path to fitness that’s scientifically customized to suit their individual needs — the young people have access to gymnastics, swimming and BOOST’s signature Fieldhouse, an indoor sports arena with 30,000 square feet of high

quality turf that can accommodate football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, running and fitness training.

In short, our stylish, newly renovated facilities at 11 Vaughns Gap Road in West Nashville offer everything for the entire family from expert personal training and transformative group classes to competitive sports and a stylish in-house café.

Partnership at first sight

Jon Sexton and Tarik Ramusovic got acquainted back in 2001 as Nashville transplants; Jon from central California, Tarik from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Both were already elite athletes and established trainers, and they soon discovered they also shared a long-term dream.

“The more we talked,” Jon recalls, “the more we understood we had a real passion to make people’s lives better.” Tarik says, “We realized that together we had the opportunity to do something more.”

The big idea? Not only improving fitness, but changing lives

“One thing Tarik and I both do well is put our egos aside,” Jon explains. “It’s not so much about our program or our ways, but about being able to understand our clients, our members, and helping them connect with what works for them.”

After years of collaboration at other Nashville fitness venues, Jon and Tarik created BOOST FitClub in Bellevue, based on a name suggested by Maja Skikic Ramusovic, Tarik’s wife. “Our clients are ‘boosting’ their lives in some way for an hour, a day, or hopefully a lifetime,” Tarik explained. “There is energy here, good energy in what we do.” The partners moved into the former Westside Club in December 2012 and immediately kicked off a major renovation that transformed the familiar but aging landmark off Highway 100 into a stylish, spacious, easily accessible 85,000 square-foot facility.

BOOST is unique in the Nashville area in offering so much under one roof to everyone from weekend warriors to serious athletes to—most of all!—fitness-minded families.

Family first

After all—beyond their dual roles as fitness ambassadors and businessmen—Jon and Tarik are also devoted husbands and proud fathers. That’s why they so well understand the multiple challenges facing today’s families when looking for the right way—and the right place— to promote healthy, productive activities.

“Entertainment has definitely become more sedentary, but we have solutions here at BOOST,” Jon says. “We find that kids actually want to be active. If you’re a parent saying you want healthy kids, then bring them here. We have many kids programs, from BOOST Performance classes in the Fieldhouse to gymnastics and tumbling and swimming. And while you’re here, why not do something for yourself? Get on a treadmill, take a class, or cross the street for a walk in the park.”

All In

When you visit BOOST FitClub, you will nearly always see Jon and Tarik coaching clients on the floor, guiding individual tours for newcomers, or simply running the business. They are on site, welcoming, responsive, fully engaged. Jon, Tarik and their committed, professional staff don’t merely “say it” — they live it.


  • From Visalia, CA
  • Studied Exercise Science and Public Relations at Fresno State University
  • Played college-level tennis and basketball
  • Founded personal training company that serviced clients through various Nashville health clubs, along with in-home clients
  • Released B12, the first workout video series offered exclusively as an app
  • Key message to clients:  “There are many health issues based around poor nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of energy. Some things are inevitable, but most things are preventable. That’s where we come in.”


  • From Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Studied Nutritional Science at Institute for Integrated Nutrition (NYC)
  • Also studied Graphic Design & Visual Communications at Middle Tennessee State University and Nashville State Community College
  • Alpine Skier on Bosnia National Team for 1994 Olympic Games (Lillehammer, Norway)
  • Key message to clients: “Managing a healthy lifestyle is not mostly about pushing harder and emphasizing physical appearance; it’s a holistic approach that also includes nutritional training and contributes to a person’s overall well-being.”

BOOST’s In-House Olympians


Aquatics Director, Swim Instructor/Coach, BOOST FitClub

1980 & 1984 Olympic Swim Team for Canada

Held World Record for 50-meter freestyle (1979)

Participated in PanAmerican Games (1979) and Commonwealth Games (1978)


Co-Founder, BOOST FitClub

Alpine Skier, Bosnia National Team, 1994 Olympic Games (Lillehammer, Norway)